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Restore function after LED conversion

When converting front and rear turn signals to LED lamps, turn signals and 4-way hazard lights may not operate correctly. Installation of these Ballast Resistors will restore proper operation.

We recommend replacing the stock flashers with electronic flashers. With electronic flashers, the ballast resistors are not required for turn signal / 4-way hazard light operation.

Also for use on vehicles that sense brake light failure. Resistor eliminates false "failure" notification.

Some vehicles sense brake lights for cruise control operation. Resistors may be required for correct cruise control operation.

For Hummer / H1, cruise control does not require lamps or ballast resistors. In some circumstances, a low-current leak / short (usually in the trailer wiring harness or connector) may cause the cruise control to fail to operate. Best solution is to clean / repair the wiring. Use these resistors as a last resort.

Kit includes:
  • 2 Ballast Resistors
  • 4 wire splices

    For Hummer / H1 installation, we recommend the Ballast Resistor Connector Kit below. This kit allows Resistor installation without modifications to the stock wiring harness.

    Order Resistors alone, with Connector Kit, or with Connector Kit Preinstalled.

    If you already have resistors, order the Connector Kit below.

    Connector Kit: 

  • Ballast Resistor Connector Kit
    Ballast Resistor Connector Kit

    Preserves Wiring.

    Electronic Flashers
    Electronic Flashers

    Restore Turn Signal Operation.


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