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Click to enlargeFront Driveshaft Disconnect

Easily switch to 2WD mode

Heavy-duty front driveshaft disconnect. Simply slide the locking ring back to switch to 2WD. Slide it forward again and your Hummer operates exactly as it did before.

  • Better fuel economy (up to 20% improvement)
  • Reduced wear on front drive train
  • Reduced wear on steering components and front tires

  • Heat-treated coupling and locking ring
  • Precision cut gear teeth and locking ring
  • Lifetime sealed bearings
  • Plated to resist rust and corrosion
  • High-speed balanced
  • Easy lock/unlock
  • Keyed to preserve drive shaft phasing
  • 1-year parts warranty

    Simple installation -- replace the front section of the driveshaft with the Disconnect unit. Includes illustrated instructions.

    Fits all civilian Hummer / H1 vehicles except the H1 Alpha. Will not fit HMMWV.

    Effective January 2011 this item is no longer available. Manufacturing cost for the required high-quality fabrication makes this product financially impractical.


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