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Click to enlargeFSD/PMD Relocation Kit

Relocate your FSD/PMD for better cooling & easier access

Complete kit for relocating your FSD/PMD.

Kit includes:
  • Cooler
  • Mounting Hardware for Cooler
  • Extension Cable
  • Cable ties
  • Dielectric grease for cable connections
  • Heat Sink Compound for better heat transfer
  • Installation instructions

    Re-use your calibration resistor, or order replacement below.

    (Kit includes Extension Cable. Extension Cable available separately, order below.)

    Notes about part numbers for this item:
    If you require a part number to purchase this item, use the following:
  • P-REL-1 for standard cooler, 4' cable
  • P-REL-2 for standard cooler, 6' cable

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Extension Cable Length: 

  • PMD/FSD Extension Cable
    PMD/FSD Extension Cable

    FSD Calibration Resistor
    FSD Calibration Resistor

    Match the FSD / PMD to the Injector Pump.

    Flight Systems FSD / PMD
    Flight Systems FSD / PMD

    Reliable Aftermarket Replacement.


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