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Easy On-vehicle Service

This tool set is designed to easily remove and install the spindle extension. This work can be performed without removing the spindle from the geared hub.

This set also includes a driver to install the CTIS Spindle Seal into the steering arm cover.

Common hardware is needed to operate the spindle installation tool. See the hardware kit below.

Kit includes:
  • Spindle Extension Extraction Tool
  • Spindle Extension Insertion Tool
  • CTIS Spindle Seal Installation Tool
  • Illustrated instructions

    Note: These tools are individually hand-built. Style, color, material, and finish may vary.


  • Spindle Extension Tool Hardware Kit
    Spindle Extension Tool Hardware Kit

    Installer Hardware Kit

    CTIS Spindle Extension
    CTIS Spindle Extension

    CTIS Hub Seals
    CTIS Hub Seals

    CTIS Spindle Seal.


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